diceJust when you thought that the innovation of video game controllers have more or less leveled off to a certain extent with the Wii U, here we are with an innovative controller, if you may call it so, known as the DICE+. Thanks to European company Game Technologies, the Bluetooth-enabled DICE+’s official website has just been launched, and they want game developers to come on board in order to develop digital board games for tablets, supplying a developer’s kit for both iOS and Android platforms alongside a special edition DICE+ unit that sports a clear housing.

The DICE+ would comprise of six sides, making it look like any other regular six-sided die, where some of the features found within include an accelerometer, a magnetic field sensor, Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 compatibility, independent touch-sensitive faces, half a dozen LEDs which are able to glow in a variety of colors, a battery life of 20 hours, a microUSB port for charging purposes, and a thermometer. The DICE+ will feature seven pre-loaded games that will come with the full launch, and those who sign up for the $99 developer’s kit will also be able to gain access to the SDK so that they can attempt to create DICE+ compatible games.

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