No, Ph.D does not mean Permanent Head Damage, although there are some folks who think that this is the case, and more often than not, it would be those Ph.Ds who churn out inventions and discoveries that make life a whole lot better. In fact, a Ph.D student in Wales was the one behind what is deemed to be the world’s first ever Digital Lo-Fi Fisheye camera, and the entire shebang is smaller than your palm, making it the perfect gizmo to tote around wherever you go. Too bad said student is short of £35,000 in order to get his project off the ground, hence resorting to the tried and tested model of crowdfunding.

You know what they say – if you want something done, you have got to do it yourself. This is exactly what Greg Dash did after running into plenty of dead ends looking for a lens that he had created. Basically, the Digital Lo-Fi Fisheye camera is a point-and-shoot fisheye camera that boasts of a time-lapse feature, not to mention having the option to record High Definition videos. So far, he has managed to raise half the amount, so if you want to help him out there, why not drop by the Indiegogo page?

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