Ever wished that you have the chance to carry a portable hotspot with you wherever you go, without having to rely on the mercies of public places that offer Wi-Fi connectivity? Well, that wish can now come true, thanks to the presence of the Dovado Go Portable 4G/LTE router that comes with its very own built-in battery that enables consumers to share their mobile broadband connection anywhere, anytime, allowing you to experience some uptime in the home/office or M2M applications.

Thanks to a swappable battery which allows you to take full advantage of mobile Internet connectivity even though you are currently experiencing a mains power failure, and the Dovado Go Portable 4G/LTE router is also smart enough to notify the user in a jiffy via SMS should the mains power be restored. Similar to the rest of Dovado routers, it will make use of SmartUSB functionality so that inserted USB modems will be repowered in the event of failure. Come to think of it, most of our modern day smartphones do come with built-in hotspot functionality, so I guess the Dovado Go would fill a rather niche market.

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