You know for sure that when a piece of furniture is called the DRM Chair, it is more of a statement than an effort to rack up the sales figures and make someone at the top very, very rich. Just in case the DRM acronym sounds familiar to you, that is because DRM stands for Digital Rights Management which is a “weapon” to combat piracy, and it has proved to be a divisive issue among software consumers for years. With the DRM Chair, it “pays homage”, so to speak, by virtue of being a furniture that was specially rigged in order to fall apart after it has been sat on for eight times.

The team has wisely opted to ditch charges made of gunpowder, in lieu of a design where individual pieces of the wooden chair that are held together will rely on wax joints that have been fitted with nichrome wire. There is an Arduino-based mechanism that is connected to a contact switch which will know just how many times someone has planted his or her rear end on it, knocking on the wood each time they get up, to show just how many times left you can seat on the DRM Chair. After 8 sits, the self-destruct system will kick in, where the wire heats up until all joints have melted, turning it into a worthless piece of furniture. Sure heck of a way to get your message across, no?

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