The smuggling of illegal drugs has been going on forever. We’ve seen and heard of some pretty creative ways, such as relying on drug mules who smuggle drugs by sticking it in places where the sun don’t shine. However we can imagine that not all drug mules are reliable especially since they are people and people do make mistakes. So what can a drug syndicate do to smuggle their drugs over the Mexican border? Shoot them over in a cannon, of course! Mexican police have recently confiscated a homemade cannon that has been shooting cylinders of marijuana over a border fence into the state of California.


Placed on the bed of the truck, the cannon was made out of a plastic pipe which doubled as its shaft, while using a metal tank as its base. Then by using the compressed air from the engine of the car, it managed to create enough pressure and power to launch the drugs over the fence. Considering that the cylinders managed to pack up to 30 pounds of marijuana in them, it is safe to say that this homemade contraption certainly packs one heck of a punch! Apparently this isn’t the first time that such an incident has occurred as back in December, similar canisters were found launched over the border into Arizona.

[Image Credit – AP Photo/Mexicali Public Safety Department]

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