It seems that a company is not considered to be “cool” these days if it was not hacked. Evernote has “joined” this “esteemed club” of companies, where their cloud-based services have actually suffered a serious security breach over the weekend. This has caused Evernote to implement a service-wide password reset after attackers managed to gain access to user information.

Good to know that these compromised passwords accessed were “salted hashes”, and in plain English, would be a whole lot harder to crack compared to a plain text password. Some of the other user information that hackers had access to included user IDs as well as e-mail addresses. Having said that, Evernote users were required to reset their respective passwords just in case the attackers managed to recover passwords from the salted hashed list. The password reset will be applicable to all apps that were given access to Evernote accounts, too. Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft bid Evernote welcome to the hacked club.

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