FabCafe Lets You Print A 3D Gummy Of YourselfJapan is a certainly interesting country with its fair share of quirks and culture as well, and the roles are reversed during Valentine’s Day as that is when girls give the guys whom they are in love with or have a crush on, chocolate as well as gifts that come in other forms. It is not all one way though, as a month after that, there is “White Day,” where the guys have a chance to reciprocate by giving them girls their gifts. It was White Day in Japan recently, and FabCafe in Tokyo has conjured a rather unique gift idea for the men to surprise their sweethearts with.

FabCafe picked nine males to get their bodies scanned, transforming all of that into 3D printed gummies. These custom-made 3D-printed gummies are not easy on your pockets though, as it costs around $62 a pop, coming in different colors and flavors for variety. Definitely wins points for being unique and different from the usual flowers and chocolates.

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