Don’t get too excited – this is just a designer’s concept.

Facebook is preparing to unveil changes it’s made to its News Feed tomorrow, but it looks like we may have caught a glimpse of what the company is planning to showcase tomorrow in a story we published last week. Facebook began testing out a new Timeline layout in New Zealand that would do away with the dual-column layout to replace it with a hybrid which would have the person’s information to the left of their profile, while their status updates would be located on the right side.

This doesn’t seem to be the only change Facebook will be making as we can also expect multiple news feeds based on categories, such as music your friends are listening to or images shared on Instagram. In addition to that, we could also expected larger photos to be displayed on Facebook as well as image-based advertisements.

As of now, we’re sure your current News Feed contains a ton of updates from various friends, family, celebrities and everything in between. If Facebook is able to wrangle all of these updates into their own separate categories, this would make browsing through the News Feed a much more enjoyable experience.

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