facebook-threaded-comments   Late last year it was revealed that Facebook was working on threaded comments. At that time it was just an experimental feature, though the social network did confirm its existence. It didn’t exactly say when threaded comments feature will be rolled out for its 1 billion plus users. This feature is actually quite useful as it would allow users to reply directly underneath someone’s comment making it easier for everyone to know who is talking to whom. Today Facebook rolled out threaded comments for Pages as well as popular public Profiles that have over 10,000 followers. We can consider this to be a soft roll out for this feature. Even though the feature is only available to them, Pages and popular Profiles will have to opt in for the feature, it won’t be active on its own. It is not known when Facebook will roll out threaded comments for all of its users. What your view on this, as a user, do you believe threaded comments are actually a necessity? Have you been unhappy with the current comments functionality and believe that threading is definitely required? [Image credit: Gizmodo]

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