According to New York state officials, the DMV’s implementation of facial recognition software when it comes to driver’s licenses from the dawn of 2010 onwards, has managed to result in over 2,500 arrests of guilty people who attempt to steal someone else’s identity, or at least, want to obtain a second license. This is what Gov. Andrew Cuomo had to say about the situation, “Through this program, we are successfully taking dangerous drivers off our roads, helping to track down criminals, and protecting taxpayer dollars — sending a clear message that New York State does not tolerate identity fraud and those who try will be caught.”

New York’s DMV did look into 13,000 possible cases of identity fraud with the help of facial recognition technology, resulting in 2,500 arrests with “more than 5,000 individuals facing administrative action.” That is an awful lot when you think about it – nearly 40% of all cases that are looked into. Every single day, new photos taken at the DMV will be added to the database, which already amounts to 20 million photographs thereabouts.

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