battlefield-4-mass-effect-dragon-age-bioshock-dice-frostbiteFans of Battlefield 4, listen up! You know that the game will arrive on the PC platform later this fall, and will skip a release on the Nintendo Wii U, but does this mean that the game will also give the PS4 as well as upcoming Xbox successor a miss? No one really knows, as nothing has been confirmed just yet. In fact, Patrick Bach, the executive producer for the Battlefield first person shooter series at Electronic Arts’s DICE Studio, said, “I don’t know if anyone has the next-gen hardware to be honest – really. There are versions of it, but does anyone have the final hardware? Do we really know what the final hardware will be? There are specs and alpha hardware, but nobody knows exactly what it will be.”

What can one take from that rather interesting statement? Could what is known about the likes of the Sony PS4 at this point in time just be red herrings to feed the news hungry masses? After all, I am quite sure that the recent 17 minute trailer of Battlefield 4 has already garnered its fair share of fans. Ah well, like any other good rumor, only time will dispel or affirm it.

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