Now this is something that you do not see every day – the FireFly is a recumbent tricycle which comes with its very own dome that has LED lighting within, ensuring that you remain nice and dry even when it rains cats and dogs on the outside. Of course, with this thingamajic covering you, will vehicles be able to see you as most drivers would most probably not be too familiar with the sight of a FireFly on the roads. Good to know that GeoSpace Studio’s designers have thought of that for the FireFly, too, where they have outfitted it with an LED-lit dome to keep you visible.

TRON fans will most probably fall for this, and the FireFly could very well end up as one of the safest pedal-powered vehicles in the market. The shell of the FireFly will tilt forward, allowing you to remain seated and shielded the biting cold, rain, or snow. At the bottom segment, colored LEDs will cover it, while a transparent dome at the top grants you ample visibility. A pair of headlights in front also ensure you will be able to get around at night without missing a beat. Too bad there are no plans to commercialize the FireFly just yet.

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