The iPad has seen many different kinds of uses in the past, some of them being more creative than the rest, while others do elicit its fair share of chuckles and giggles. Well, I will leave what you are about to read here to judge for yourself, as a fire department in Atlantic City, NJ, made use of a Bible app on the iPad recently as part of their swearing in process for a group of promoted fireman. The new Battalion Chiefs and Fire Captains of New Jersey placed their left hands on an iPad, with their right hands raised, in the same manner as they would have done should there have been a traditional paper-based Bible around.

Of course, some folks might wonder just which Bible app on the iPad was used? YouVersion, and this swearing in ceremony took an electronic twist because nobody remembered to bring along a physical copy of the Bible, hence the iPad coming in for the rescue after a quick download. Will we see the same thing happen in the courts of law soon?

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