The world of social networking is a breeding ground for very interesting stories, and today, you would be able to read about one of them. Who would have thought that your good friend is actually your relative? Yes sir, a certain Paula O’Brien explained to the world over a Facebook post that she had, for the longest time, wondered what had happened to her niece who was adopted 29 years ago, and was born on September 19th.

It so happened that Abbey Donohoe, one of her 29-year-old friends, actually realized that the birthdate mentioned was that of her own, and figured out that the circumstances shared by Paula was actually a story of her life, reuniting the niece and aunt along the way. What are some of the other heartwarming stories that you have heard because of a Facebook connection? I know someone who has a grudge against Google’s Street View though (granted, that is no social network) as it blew the cover of a cheating fiance. Do share your stories and experiences of serendipity in the comments below.

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