street-view-fukushimaI am quite sure that even though it has been slightly more than a couple of years after the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown over in Fukushima, Japan, the people who used to live there still retain their fair share of memories from that place. Namie-machi, being one of the smaller cities in the Fukushima Prefecture, with a population of 21,000, was devastated a couple of years back, and they are still not allowed to return. Plenty of the displaced townspeople did put in a request to check out their city’s current state, and Google has stepped up to the plate to help out.

The folks at Google drove Street View cars through Namie-machi, capturing panoramic images of the abandoned city in an “as it is” manner, so that whenever the nostalgic bug bites you, you can always check it out on Street View imagery as well as at the Memories for the Future site. You don’t have to be a native of Namie to view it, of course. It does seem as though this could be a fantastic set for an Asian version of the Walking Dead, post zombie apocalypse and all.

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