It’s somewhat heartwarming to hear gamers who get together and get married after meeting in online games such as Diablo or World of Warcraft, and we guess it’s just as awesome when you have a partner who enjoys the same video games as you do. It is also because of this that it is possible for either one in the relationship to cook up some pretty unique (and sometimes geeky) ways of proposing, and that’s what Michael decided to do when trying to come up with a special way of proposing to his girlfriend, Clara.

Basically what he did was create a series of World of Warcraft-like quests which involved eating at different restaurants, with the completion of each quest leading to another, and ultimately the reward which was a legendary (we wouldn’t have it any other way!) ring that he used to propose to his girlfriend (she said yes, by the way). The process involved Michale printing out and creating an origami treasure chest and downloading World of Warcraft tooltips to help create the quest chain. It’s pretty awesome and if you’d like to check it out in its entirety, head on over to Michael’s blog for the details.

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