gmail-update-130327While Gmail for iOS is inching slowly towards it Android counterpart, there are a couple of features missing that would make it perfect, or at least better. One of them was the inability to navigate through emails without first having to return to our inbox. For those who have multiple emails they need to reply on a daily basis, we can only imagine how trouble it gets. Well the good news is that Google has updated its Gmail app for iOS, bumping it up to version 2.1 and along with the update is a new navigational feature that hopefully iOS users will love.

If one were to update their Gmail for iOS app, they will now be able to swipe left and right to navigate within their emails without having to constantly return to their inbox. Google has also made some changes to the menu, bringing icons such as archive and delete to the top when selecting multiple messages. Not the most amazing update ever, but swiping between messages does sound like a bit of a time saver.

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