ungoogleableIf you were to turn the clock back 15 years or more ago, what would you have thought of this company known as Google? Surely you would have placed your money on the likes of Netscape, Microsoft and Yahoo when it came to search, but where is Netscape today? Google, on the other hand, has grown to be such a behemoth, that basically when they speak, the world listens. Well, folks over at Sweden have something interesting and new to grapple with now, where Google has allegedly placed pressure on the Language Council of Sweden as the latter made attempts to add “ungoogleable” to its list of new words.

Swedish news outlet Sverigesradio claimed that Google’s legal eagles decided to contact the Language Council after the announcement of making “ungoogleable” (or, in Swedish, “ogooglebar”) an official word. It took plenty of e-mails flying back and forth between the Council and Google’s lawyers before the Council took the step to drop its bid to make it a word, citing reasons that it took “too much time and resources away from other work.”

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