Google’s Project Glass seems like it won’t be the only clothing accessory the company plans to improve through technology as they’ve announced another product called Google Shoes.


Google Shoes won’t become an actual product at this time, instead, Google hacked a pair of Adidas sneakers in order to show its new advertising platform called Art, Copy and Code. The purpose of the product demo was to show “how you can use objects to tell stories on the web today, said Google’s head of its advertising team Aman Govil.

The video that was released to show off Google’s concept used shoes as an example as they can help motivate you to keep moving, and make snide remarks when left idle. A large speaker housed in the tongue of the sneaker is used as a way for your shoes to talk to you, which we certainly could see becoming a problem if you’re around more than one Google Shoe. In addition to the speaker, the device is equipped with a small computer, accelerometer, pressure sensor, gyroscope and Bluetooth to connect to your mobile device.

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