We’ve seen the GoPro used to create some amazing visuals such as the camera being used to record the process of traveling to space, as well as giving sports fans a first-hand view of their favorite sports with the RefCam But this latest recording method allows the average person to create cool-looking bullet-time effects in their videos.

Permagrin Films’ Marc Donahue created a mount that groups together a bunch of GoPro cameras to simultaneously take a shot to create bullet-time moments out of any visual, making it instantly cool. Because of the combination of the half-circle mount and the cameras capturing a moment simultaneously, the transition between one image to another looks seamless to us, although Donahue admits it requires a bit more tuning in order for the GoPro cameras to fire in closer succession.

Donahue used a total of 15 GoPro cameras, which the company provided to him to use saving him probably thousands of dollars. The video he published on YouTube, which you can watch above, featured him testing the feature out with some everyday activities in hopes to release a music video using his technique.

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