Grand Theft Auto V’s release date getting pushed back to September 2013 when it was originally expected to be released in Q1 2013 was quite the bummer. Sure – there are some amazing games to already look forward to in this month alone, but all of them would probably pale in comparison to GTA V. Until the game finally gets released this September, we guess all we could do is sit around and play GTA IV as Toy Story characters.

A new mod that’s available for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV removes that pesky Niko Bellic with a giant Woody doll that’s capable of performing iconic moves from the Street Fighter series as well as Skyrim. Oh, and did we mention he can also shoot gun and can be assisted by a posse of Buzz Lightyears? Yea – that, too.

If you happen to have a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV installed on your PC, you can grab the Sheriff Woody mod and experience some Toy Story shenanigans yourself here. Hopefully the next generation of consoles will finally allow console players to use these kinds of mods as console owners certainly get left out in all of the fun PC gamers have with their modifications.

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