Gridcase Reactor Is An iPhone 5 Case Which Features A Hand Crank

We’ve seen some pretty standard iPhone battery cases that will fit around your device and supply power to it, some of them even allowing you to choose when it needs a boost in power the most by turning the feature on or off. The Gridcase Reactor is an iPhone 5 battery case, but it features a unique method of charging the device.

The Gridcase Reactor features a hand crank that you can attach to the back of the case to crank your way to more power for your iPhone 5. The kit will come with a two-piece case with a built-in micro-generator, a 400mAh boost battery, and a 500mA manual generator. The case is currently seeking crowdfunding on Crowd Supply, which if you’re instantly interested in the case will cost you $99 if you promise to fund it by the start of May. If the Gridcase Reactor becomes fully funded, it expects to launch in October for $149.

A hand-crank battery case for your iPhone 5 certainly seems like a good idea for those moments when you’re traveling and won’t be near a power outlet anytime soon. And all of that hand cranking might actually get your arms into a form that doesn’t resemble veal.

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