Hulu-logoI guess you can more or less say that these days, companies, especially the larger ones, tend to take the more efficient way out when it comes to innovation by purchasing companies that developed the technology prior. Just like how Yahoo picked up Summly, and Apple recently purchased the indoor navigation company known as WiFiSLAM, so too, could someone else line up with fat pockets to make an offer to Hulu that their executives cannot refuse.

This is as much as Hulu’s board revealed, that they were approached by potential buyers who have the intention (and certainly the monetary means, of course) to pick up the online video service. It is interesting to note that Hulu is just 5 years old, which seems to be an eternity in the world of Internet company standards. No formal offer has been received to date, as the discussions remained private, and we do not know just how many parties did Hulu come into contact with before. Just which studio do you think is best poised to take Hulu to greater heights if they were to acquire them?

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