The I’m Watch, a concept that kicked off a few years ago, and having been shown off in a video as well, is back – this time around there is talk of a higher end model that will appeal to those who are absolute materialists. Yes sir, Italian company I’m SpA, the one behind the I’m Watch, has announced that they will be rolling out a limited edition gold plated version of the I’m Watch itself, but that would mean your bank account would have to sing to the tune of $1,500, which is a whole lot of pocket money no matter how you look at it. Of course, it is still a whole lot more affordable compared to a Vertu handset, but $1,500 for a new watch? That’s pushing it, really.

The vanilla version will cost just $349 in case you are wondering, and it is rather disappointing to know that the I’m Watch still comes with Android 2.1 Eclair as the operating system of choice, despite you having fork out so much more for the gold plated version. I guess all of that extra money has gone nowhere else other than the gold used, no?

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