The Image Toaster, an invention of a certain Scott van Haastretcht, is definitely one for the ages when it comes to amusing yourself at the breakfast table. After all, despite having a maximum printing area of six square pixels, the Image Toaster that was specially created for a Creative Technology university course, will remain connected to the local Wi-Fi network, where it is capable of looking up the Internet for images that are relevant to that day’s date, before picking a random image and imprinting it, nay, burn it onto your morning toast.

How does it work? A program will be able to convert complex images into something that is compatible with the Image Toaster’s low-resolution count, before relaying such data to the Image Toaster, while servos and a stepper motor will send the bread to its baptism of fire, waiting to be branded by that selected illustration. Of course, it would be better if the Image Toaster can receive custom images by the user, that’d make it a whole lot more fun!

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