Earlier this morning, we brought you word that Apple’s iWatch might eventually be unveiled by the end of this year, although there is nothing concrete to support that assumption as at press time. Well, we now have a new report to digest, where it touts the alleged iWatch to deliver approximately 4 to 5 days of battery life before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet, although the current iWatch prototypes seem to fare a whole lot worse, offering around half the uptime mentioned.

This bit of detail might still be under the rumor category, considering The Verge cited unnamed sources who claim to be familiar with the iWatch prototype hardware. According to said sources, the existing test models manage to achieve approximately two days’ worth of use, max, prior to a recharge. What do you think of having to recharge your watch once every 4 to 5 days? Well, I am quite sure that prototypes are just that, and there are still plenty more refinements to be done before the iWatch is ready for public use, in addition to optimization of the software which will surely go some way in prolonging the battery life to bring it closer to the customer guesstimates.

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