Razer and Riot Games have teamed up to roll out the League of Legends Collector’s Edition products, offering high end gaming peripherals for what is deemed by many to be the “world’s premiere PC gaming title.” The Razer Naga Hex, long recognized to be the only mouse in the gaming market that was specially optimized for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) gaming, sports half a dozen large, mechanical thumb buttons as well as a custom League of Legends logo, in addition to a detailed rune script on its scroll wheel.

You will be able to enjoy the Razer Naga Hex alongside a League of Legends-branded Razer Goliathus mouse mat, where the latter was specially designed to enhance swift movements whenever you are involved in fast-paced lane wars across the Summoner’s Rift. Regardless of which product that you decide to pick up, either one will feature an in-box code that enables you to unlock one of the game’s champions and skin.

Do bear in mind that the in-box codes are available in North America, Europe and China only, so those who live in other regions would have to deal with what we call “tough luck”. More incentive to get that green card application, no?

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