I know, despite the takeover of Lucasarts by Disney, that does not mean that future instalments of the Star Wars franchise would have the mickey taken out of them (pun not intended), and I am quite sure that lifelong fans of the franchise will continue to show off their great love and devotion to it. After all, Princess Leia is going to be back, and that alone should soothe any misgivings. As for folks who are wistfully wondering about what would happen to Star Wars: Battlefront 3, it is not exactly dead and buried just yet since an unnamed source (aren’t they all) claimed that the recently revealed Star Wars: First Assault could very well be a predecessor to the rumored Battlefront 3 title.

Of course, this is pure rumor, and you should take this bit of news with more than just a single grain of salt, but rather, an entire packet of it. All in all, rumors will either pan out to be true or false with the passage of time, and that is exactly what we will do – wait for it.

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