LEGO is awesome, although kids these days might not be able to appreciate it as much considering that they have more high-tech toys to keep them entertained. However for those who do remember LEGO and still love building things with it, this LEGO Apple II recreation is too cute for words (like the mini LEGO Mac), but we’ll try anyway. Designed by Chiu-Keung Tsang, this LEGO Apple II looks like a pretty spot-on replica of the original computer, but Tsang has decided to go beyond just creating a replica, instead opting to pay attention to the smaller details.

On the surface, like we said, it looks like a fully assembled Apple II computer. However when taken apart, you can see (in the image above) that Tsang has even included details like the innards of a computer, RAM sticks, motherboard and whatnot. Granted you might not be able to distinguish between the mobo and the RAM and hard drive given that they’re just LEGO bricks, but feel free to use your imagination! We’re not sure if Tsang has plans to sell his creation, but if you’d like to check out the rest of the photos, head on over to Tsang’s Flickr for the rest.

[Image credit – Chiu-Keung Tsang]

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