Dark Horse, the comic publishing house that is definitely low on the popularity scale compared to the likes of Marvel and DC, have always lived up to its name, with its fair share of classics in the past especially those spun off from movie franchises, with Star Wars being one of the more notable ones. Well, it seems that Dark Horse Comics is more than ready to expand their horizon, with the announcement of the Mass Effect: Foundation comic series, helping fans of the hit video game franchise to have another avenue to enjoy the “game” without having to play it.

Mass Effect: Foundation will be written by “Mass Effect 2″ and “Mass Effect 3″ writer, Mac Walters, who has had experience in the past where Dark Horse’s comic series were concerned.Mass Effect: Foundation is said to comprise of a dozen issues, making it the lengthiest comic series for the franchise. I wonder when will the golden age of comic speculation return, where a single issue of X-Men 25 or Wolverine 75 fetched insane prices shortly after they were launched, and gimmicks such as foil covers on Ninjak and X-O Manowar had kids like me scrambling to the store almost immediately.

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