Microsoft’s Scroogled media campaign started this past November as the company did its best to educate consumers of how Google conducts its Google Shopping business, specifically how they sell the ranking of products rather than offering legitimate search engine results. And just like that, Microsoft will be pulling the plug on one of its media campaigns taking in the popular search giant.

The news comes from KQED as they spoke to Microsoft senior director of online services Stefan Weitz in regards to the Scroogled ad campaign, which he responded “that part is about finished.” As of this writing, the Scroogled website is still up, although we’re not entirely sure if what Weitz said was in regards to the entire Scroogled campaign or if he was referring to media advertisement.

The Scroogled campaign was only used twice as Microsoft attacked Google’s Google Shopping last November, and just last month, it was used again to attack Google’s Gmail service saying the company tracks your emails in order to target its advertising to its users. I personally was never a fan of the campaign, but at least Microsoft was able to educate Google customers of some of the backdoor deals the company has been making over the years.

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