Microsoft was really on to something with their Kinect gaming accessory, which actually transformed your entire body into a video game controller, further extending the realm of gameplay by blurring several lines which was originally ventured by the Nintendo Wii with its unique control system. Having said that, many folks have since taken advantage of the Kinect gaming system by hacking it to handle different kinds of workloads and functions, and this time around, there is the remote possibility of seeing Kinect sensors being integrated into displays.

Yes sir, you read that right. At the annual TechForum event that is held in Seattle, Microsoft Research did show off a bunch of interesting projects that they were hard at work at, where among them included displays which sported integrated Kinect sensors. Of course, numerous challenges lie ahead in making this a reality across a large scale, such as the infra-red cameras in Kinect not functioning in bright sunlight conditions, but you know what they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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