Associate Professor Darren Sun as well as a team of talented scientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have developed a new material called Multi-use Titanium Dioxide over the past five years. It may very well clinch the “world’s most useful substance” title from Graphene, which is a substance composed of pure carbon. According to the team’s research, Multi-use Titanium Dioxide can be used to increase lifespan of batteries, produce clean water and hydrogen from waste water, create antibacterial dressings for wounds and a lot more.

It is produced by converting titanium dioxide crystals, which are inexpensive, into nanofibers. These nanofibers are incorporated into flexible filter membranes. These membranes and include mixtures of copper, zinc or carbon depending upon what the material is going to be used for. A black version of this material has also been created and it contains titanium dioxide in crystalline form. It will probably make its way in to future lithium ion batteries as the material greatly improves the lifespan, capacity too by using anodes made from carbon modified titantium dioxide nanoparticles. The team is forming a spin off company so that development can be taken further. They’re also looking for partners who can help them commercialize this material. Impressive stuff, isn’t it?

[photo credit: Nanyang University]

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