When it comes to gaming on the home console front, you will have to give credit to Nintendo for having introduced a paradigm shift in gameplay over the years, especially with the Nintendo Wii that introduced motion controllers that had the likes of Sony laughing at it before quietly trying to implement their own motion “waggle controls” in their SixAxis controller. Well, if you have always been a backseat driver, then you would most probably figure out that Need for Speed: Most Wanted U does offer backseat drivers an avenue not only to express their driving ability verbally, but to show the world just how it is done.

EA’s release of Need for Speed: Most Wanted U on Nintendo’s newest console, would definitely have backseat drivers happy, where co-op mode will allow players to use both the GamePad and the controller. In a nutshell, the one holding the controller (Remote or Pro) will do the navigation, while the other person with the miniature display is like a co-driver, offering “navigational assistance” via the real-time map, in addition to ditching cops, switching from night to day, and activating special boosts for the car when the situation calls for it. Truly, a test of friendship and communication with such a gameplay option.

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