I am quite sure that you have been impressed by us bringing news of Neurowear products in the past, and from the name of the company itself, one can easily deduce that their main expertise lies in rolling out hardware that is somehow connected to the brain, and we are able to control them to a certain degree with but the power of thought. Neurowear’s latest attempt at making more use of your brain comes in the form of the Mico headphones which will feature an integrated brainwave sensor that enables it to detect the wearer’s mood, and once that is said and done, it will comb through its database of songs and play a matching tune.

The Mico headphones do resemble your everyday, over-the-ear headphones, although certain quarters might claim that it is a wee bit more bulky than normal. Neurowear has thrown in an EEG (electroencephalograph) sensor that protrudes from the front, where it will analyze the wearer’s brain patterns, and establishing the current mood. A high tech mood ring, so to speak, but we have absolutely no idea as to when the Mico headphones will be released officially.

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