Sure, a full touchscreen device is fine and dandy, but somehow grappling with the virtual keyboard when it comes to typing lengthy documents is not the best platform to do so. I know we have tools such as Swype on the Android platform that makes writing on your virtual keyboard a whole lot faster, but nothing quite beats a physical QWERTY keyboard in my opinion. Enter the NUU MiniKey, which claims to transform your iPhone 5 into a mobile office as well as speed texting machine.

The NUU MiniKey is a compact slide-out QWERTY keyboard that intends to send typos and auto-correct mistakes to the bin, while increasing your typing speed and accuracy. Specially built for the iPhone 5, after being based on the acclaimed iPhone 4 model, you will get features like a backlit keyboard, a full 42-key keypad, a slightly raised frame that ensures the iPhone 5’s display remains protected from scratches and special function keys, and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. You can pick up the NUU MiniKey for $59 a pop.

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