Voracious readers would know that an e-book reader is not all that it is cut out to be, and even though screen technology has progressed to such a pace where your eyes are no longer painful to stare at a screen for long hours on end, there is nothing quite like the feeling of flipping through the pages of a well loved book. Well, if you love reading and would like to stick to traditional books, then you would definitely have a reading lamp by your bedside. Those might end up being too bright for your other half who is trying to get some sleep after a long and hard day at work, which is why you might want to check out Osram’s new Onyx Copilot reading light.

The Onyx Copilot reading light is said to come equipped to handle the reading appetites of those who tend to read in vehicles, where it boasts of long-lasting light emitting diode technology that has a service life of 5,000 hours. When compared to a halogen lamp, the latter needs to be replaced after around 1,000 hours. The Onyx Copilot reading light is attached to a cigarette lighter, and there is a button to turn it on or off at the light’s head.

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