Who would have thought that the power of social media has expanded to such an extent, that it can now be used to remotely control a particular device? Case in point, the Paintbot from iStrategyLabs. The Paintbot might seem to be rather ordinary at first glance, as you figure out that this is a paintball gun, but the catch is this – it will be controlled via Twitter, firing away depending on the right kind of hashtag used.

Using the Paintbot remotely is pretty simple, where all you need to do is make use of the hashtag #islpaint and start to see the Paintbot do its duty unquestioningly, and best of all is, you are not the one who has to clean up the mess afterwards. Of course, there will be moments when intervals are introduced because the Paintbot’s mess needs a massive clean up operation, so it will remain offline during that period, at least until the next firing session is in full swing. Who would have thought that social media could end up being so interesting, never mind that all you do is to fire away at a whiteboard without mercy.

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