We’re sure by now, you’ve seen a number of videos of a number of animals, babies and even the elderly playing with an iPad to your amazement. But we’re sure you have yet to see a video of penguins playing with an iPad, and if you have, make believe you haven’t for the sake of this story.

For you people who have yet to see penguins interacting with an iPad, a video from the Aquarium of the Pacific shows them playing a game called “iPad Game For Cats,” which we’re sure these penguins would die from embarrassment if they knew they were playing such a game.

The game is designed with felines in mind as it has a toy mouse running around the screen, which would entice any cat to come play with your iPad. As penguins would do, they don’t play with the toy mouse, instead, they try to eat it over and over again. We’re sure the penguins that played with the iPad have once again learned we humans will continually tease them with food for our own enjoyment, which is what will probably spark the great penguin uprise of 2035.

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