Fans of sports have always been trying their best to get as close to the action as they possibly could. They buy tickets to games with the closest seat possible and buy the largest HDTVs so they can see every bit of the action as close as possible. One thing that has yet to be considered in sports is to strap a camera on the referee since they’re always in the middle of the action, but Fox Sports AU has gone ahead and done that to show what it would look like in a special segment on Rugby HQ.

The RefCam slaps a GoPro camera onto a referee’s ear that allows viewers to get in on the action right at the playing level. The results of the RefCam are absolutely amazing as the amount of action fans can view from the camera makes previous forms of watching sports seem prehistoric.

Rugby fans praised the RefCam to the point where they’re already considering allowing the technology to offer a first-hand view of the action again. Hopefully US sports associations or at least their broadcast partners are taking note as we could easily see the RefCam do well with football, basketball and maybe even baseball games if they were introduced.

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