It seems that despite reports of Android devices accounting for 68% of smartphones shipped, it seems that a recent report released by Ooyala has revealed that as far as watching videos on mobile devices are concerned, Apple’s iOS accounts for a whopping 67%, with Android making up the remainder 33% (the study was conducted on iOS versus Android, that’s why other mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone and Blackberry were not taken into account). However it should be noted that while a high number of shipments does indicate a certain degree of demand, it does not necessarily translate into sales. For example in the Samsung versus Apple lawsuit, US sales figures from 2010-2012 revealed that Samsung sold 21 million smartphones, compared to Apple who sold 62 million iPhones.

Another possible reason for the discrepancy in the figures could be the way Android users use their smartphones compared to iOS users. For example I have found it more commonplace to see parents loading up videos on the iPad and letting their kids watch shows and movies, compared to Android smartphones or tablets. Then again this is from a personal perspective and it might be different depending on your surroundings. In any case what do you guys make of this? Which explanation makes most sense to you, or do you think that it’s just flat out obvious that iOS users watch more videos than Android users?

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