Retina MacBook Pro Owner Files Lawsuit Against Apple Over Ghosting Display

It seems that the owner of a Retina MacBook Pro has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple, alleging that Apple has not bothered to acknowledge, fix or warn users that Retina display made by LG are prone to “ghosting”. Beau Hodges complained that customers have no way of knowing what they have bought (in terms of whether they got an LG or Samsung display) and that Apple sales people do not disclose that there are “different levels of performance and quality”. There are videos where proof has been shown that LG display panels in the 15” Retina MacBook Pro are prone to ghosting, although it is speculated that LG panels were used only in the early versions of the MacBook Pro and were replaced by Samsung panels later on.

Hodges claims that Apple must have known about these issues “because it has spent a considerable amount of time testing the products during research and development, and has been inundated with complaints from customers.” We’re not sure what the result of this class-action lawsuit is going to be, but what do you guys think? Any Retina MacBook Pro owners out there experience similar issues with their displays as well?

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