Technology these days have definitely moved in the right direction, and researchers who write in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A claim that they have managed to come up with a spanking new kind of robotic fish which boasts of lateral line sensing capabilities. Also known as the FILOSE team members, they have taken the past four years to investigate the world of fish lateral line sensing, which is a kind of sensing organ that can be found in aquatic vertebrates which are used to detect movement as well as vibration in the surrounding water.

This particular organ will also help a fish’s orientation in the water, and all the findings were used to work on an efficient underwater robot that is based on biological principles. The “flowscape”, which is a combination of “flow” and “landscape” will assist not only fish but the robot to orient themselves, navigate, and control their movements whenever they are in the water. Something tells me that the military folks will find more than just one use for the robot fish with a lateral line sensing capability.

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