TerminatorWe have certainly seen our fair share of strides made by scientists where the robotics industry is concerned, and this time around, how about a robot that has an above average intelligence? Now how can this be so, you ask? Well, it seems that this robot brain will not only be confined to a microchip or single processor, but rather, it will also depend heavily on what the “Internet” offers. This spanking new project by European Robo Earth intends to close the gap between robot and human intelligence, using the Internet to help robots when it comes to their thinking and decision making processes.

Along the way, this group of scientists have come up with a web-based database of information that is known as Rapyuta, where this database will hold descriptions of objects that the robots have come across, while offering a degree of computational assistance along the way. This is hoped that it will help make robots smarter as well as cheaper, since it would reduce the burden of processing on the robot itself. What do you think of such a database, will it be able to do its bit in making SkyNet a reality?

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