hijack-robotNow this is a story that you do not hear every single day, where the robotics team from Mexico suffered a heartbreak, especially after their robot was stolen en route to the destination in a FedEx shipping truck. This particular incident nearly caused the team to cancel their trip to San Antonio, until a Good Samaritan group from Brandeis High School heard of their plight and decided to do something to help, once again proving that there is still some good left in this world.

Michael Blake, the head of the robotics team at Brandeis, said, “Their crate, which contained their robot, equipment and tools, was on a FedEx truck that was hijacked before it made it from Mexico over to the states.”

The Bronc Botz from Brandeis High School are now working alongside the Mexican team, and all should be in order in time for this weekend’s Alamo-First Regional Competition. Blake added further, “It’s been mostly facilitating them. They know what to do. They’ve built a robot. They’re a rookie team and we’re helping them basically providing materials and back up.” While the stolen robot took half a dozen weeks to construct, the team has just 2 days to build a new one, so all the best to them!

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