Samsung Applies For Galaxy NX Trademark

The Samsung Galaxy Camera as seen above certainly spawned off quite an interesting debate among techies, as to whether a smartphone operating system has a place in the world of digital cameras. Well, I guess the correct answer would be yes, otherwise, we would not have seen Samsung apply for a trademark for the Galaxy NX name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with Goods and Services marked as Digital cameras.

What makes the trademark for the name all the more interesting is the fact that we do know how Android on a digital camera adds an element of versatility and functionality never seen before, and with the Samsung NX series being a range of mirrorless digital cameras, does this mean Samsung is preparing for a whole new generation of Android-powered mirrorless digital cameras? Time will tell, and we intend to sit tight, hang on and check out what is in store. What do you think the price range for the new Galaxy NX cameras will be like?

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