If you love SEGA games, you might be interested to learn that SEGA could be announcing new games for both the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita come 28th of March. A Japanese teaser site was launched in which the screenshot above was shown. Unfortunately apart from the date and both the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 consoles being listed, not much else is known. Some are hoping and speculating that it could be Valkyria Chronicles, while others are hoping for a new Yakuza game. Considering that both these games have been PlayStation exclusives, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination. Either way if you’re a fan of SEGA and own either of the consoles mentioned, be sure to check back with us on the 28th of March for the details! In the meantime what do you guys think will the reveal be about? Could it be either of the games mentioned, or do you think SEGA has a new IP in store for us?

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