Being a burn victim is definitely no fun at all, as it is an excruciatingly painful position to be in, not to mention if the case is a serious one, said patient would also be at risk from potential infections which could prove to be lethal. After all, our skin is the first line of defense against the many bacteria that hang around unseen to the naked eye, ready to pounce onto any open sore or wound, and serious burn victims generally have no skin to speak about, hence resulting in a severely weakened immune system. Modern medicine has yet to figure out a method to spot pathogens that incubate within the wound, but this does not mean other measures cannot be taken.

In fact, researchers over at the University of Bath in the UK have managed to embed a fluorescent dye into special nanoparticles that were ultimately developed to break open whenever it encounters toxic bacteria in the vicinity. When said dye was used in a wound dressing, it will become apparent whenever nasty bacteria are around, which shows how there is unwanted activity within the healing tissue, allowing medical personnel to take the relevant measures in double quick time.

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