I suppose when your neighbors see this unique DIY machine in your backyard in action, one of the first few things they would do is be best buddies with you, asking you to forgive them of all the wrong that they have done in the past, right after hollering out to their wife, “That thing’s operational!” in homage to Star Wars. It does not matter if your objective is to melt metal, ignite some gasoline, hold a BBQ, or simply to burn some hotdogs, the video above should be able to explain it all. After all, doesn’t a single picture tell a thousand words?

Grant Thompson is the one behind this idea, using his 13-year old Toshiba 50-inch flat screen TV as the basis for his solar-powered death ray. The TV itself was mutilated in a sense, where the plastic sheet underneath layers of wires and bits was the treasure he was looking for, having hoisted it onto a wooden frame before using it to focus the sun’s ray’s in a miniscule point, similar in principle to that of a magnifying glass, capable of letting that spot hit a whopping 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that’s power!

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