Last week we heard rumblings of a certain Sony NEX-9, with rumors claiming that the camera could prove to be more expensive than the DSC-RX1 and will be Sony’s full frame mirrorless camera system. Whether such a device exists remains to be seen, but that doesn’t mean the rumor mill will stop, no sir! Now this particular rumor should please Sony Alpha camera owners who have bought several, if not many, of Sony’s A-mount lenses. Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting that according to their source, it seems that the NEX-9 will be fully compatible with A-mount lenses, and interestingly it does not require any adapter of sorts, suggesting that attaching an A-mount lens to the NEX-9 would be similar to attaching it onto an Alpha camera. Unfortunately the details of the solution was not revealed by their source, so we guess we will have to wait and see for ourselves. No word on when this alleged NEX-9 will be launching, but so far it is shaping up to be a pretty impressive camera, or so the rumors say. So, anyone excited at the idea of such a device?

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